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Hot Water Specialists
We provide reliable hot water for your day-to- day business operations. We specialize in commercial hot water systems designed specifically for your needs.

• Backup of your water heaters. Let’s face it, if your hot water system goes down, you are out of business. Our redundancy program ensures you will always have hot water.

• Gas booster heaters makes sure your current water heaters are keeping up with demand.

• Boilers for high demand hot water systems

• Rent, rent-to-purchase, or purchase agreements available

• Guaranteed 24 hour service on system emergencies

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CMS rents the following equipment
• Water Heaters and Commercial Boilers
• Booster Heaters
• Water Softeners
• Reverse Osmosis Water Systems
• Heating and Cooling Units
• Boilers & Chillers
• Pool Heaters
• Gas Patio Heaters

We provide the following services

Hot water solutions

Heating and cooling systems



Water treatment


Patio heaters

Pool heaters

Water Treatment
Fusion Premium High-flow Water Softeners
• Saves more than 50% on soap and detergents
• Protects water heaters
• Cuts water heating costs
• Eliminates hard-water deposits on fixtures
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Scaly build up?
Savistat SC removes lime from your water.
No chemicals needed!
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