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Q. Why does it make more sense to rent mechanical equipment than to purchase?
A. In many commercial applications, heating and cooling equipment as well as water heating equipment are crucial to the business operations. When you rent these units, you are building the cost of a depreciating capital expense into your budget. Our experience has been that companies will save money and update these units on a regular interval instead of nursing them along until they break down. If you are only using equipment during a season of the year, for instance a swimming pool heater or a patio gas heater, it also pays to rent rather than to own.

Q. How can I extend the life of my water heater?
A. Depending upon the age, usage and size of your current heater, a redundancy design, such as a back up or booster heating system is ideal in a restaurant or hotel setting. In any setting, a water treatment system will extend the life of your water heater.

Q. We have an oil-burning hot water heating system. Do you replace commercial boilers?
A. Yes. We offer a full line of energy-efficient boilers. We also can convert your fuel oil energy source to natural gas.

Q. Do you repair pipes in concrete slabs?
A. Yes. Our pipelining service actually repairs clogged and leaking pipes without removing them.

Q. Do you fix clogged and broken drains?
A. Our pipelining service also cleans out and lines drains and sewers so that roots will not penetrate them again. We can usually reattach broken lines without digging them out of the ground.

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