Welcome to this on-line development tool that has been specifically designed for you to learn more about yourself and to help cultivate your own emotional intelligence. The development of emotional intelligence is foundational for growth as a leader. This on-line workbook is your personal, private development tool; you are the only person in your organization that has access to your tool.

The on-line workbook is self-directed and retains your answers, so you can learn for two minutes or two hours--whatever your schedule allows. There are six sections to the workbook:

  • Worldview - This is a place where you can go and develop your own personal leadership philosophies. This section incorporates basic assumptions you make about life that form your view of leadership.
  • Pod casts - These video vignettes have a humorous teaching around the five foundational pillars of emotional intelligence. You will also get practical teaching on how to incorporate these competencies into your personal leadership.
  • Case Studies - A story is provided for each sub-competency. After reading and reflecting on how the characters behave, you will be able to provide feedback on what your thoughts are as to how the case should be handled. You will also be challenged to think and reflect on your own behavior, using the characters to grow your leadership.
  • Exercises - The foundation of this on-line workbook are the exercises. You will be challenged to grow personally and professionally by answering and reflecting on the questions that are provided. It will be of most benefit if you take the time and think deeply on each of these exercises.
  • Learning Log - As part of each exercise, seminal questions are asked. Your answers to these questions are transferred automatically to your learning log. You will also have the opportunity to write and reflect in an open space provided here. This is meant to be a central repository for your development and can be used as you plan your development.
  • Action Plan - This is your accountability document; a place where you can take your learning log and put it into behavioral action. This is the most valuable place to use your coach as a facilitator of your leadership development.

Now take a deep breath, get a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy the time you spend becoming a more sophisticated, emotionally intelligent leader.

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