The capacity to comprehend your potential capabilities. This element of emotional intelligence is shown by getting involved in activities that lead to a rich and significant life. Trying to reach your potential involves building enjoyable activities that may take a lifetime to achieve. Self-actualization is an continuing process of striving for the utmost development of your skills and talents, of constantly trying to improve yourself. Your interests will continually motivate and satisfy you. Those with healthy self-actualization are happy with where they are in terms of their personal, professional and financial life.

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A rock climber learns to scale the heights, not by watching others, but rather by doing, hand over hand, the maneuvers that bring success on a higher level.


Case Studies Exercises

Scott Livingston talks about Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

-Self Regard
-Self Awareness
-Self Actualization

-Social Responsibility
-Interpersonal Relationships
Stress Management
-Stress Tolerance
-Impulse Control

-Reality Testing
-Problem Solving

General Mood