The capacity to revere yourself as a genuinely good person. Valuing yourself is accepting yourself as the way you are. Self-regard is the capacity to be thankful for your apparent positive facets, as well as the negative facets, and still appreciate yourself. Individuals with strong self-regard know their assets and faults and feel relatively good about themselves, they have no trouble openly recognizing mistakes, or if they are wrong. One’s self-regard is based upon a strong awareness of character. At the other end of the spectrum are feelings of personal incompetence.

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Self-regard takes a look in the mirror and has confidence in the person looking back.


Case Studies Exercises

Scott Livingston talks about Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

-Self Regard
-Self Awareness
-Self Actualization

-Social Responsibility
-Interpersonal Relationships
Stress Management
-Stress Tolerance
-Impulse Control

-Reality Testing
-Problem Solving

General Mood