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PIPELINING Servicing the entire state of Indiana

Pipelining repairs broken pipes without tearing out the old lines. Pipelining service offers solutions for leaking pipes, clogged drains and broken sewer lines without the mess of replacing the old pipes.

Drain and Sewer Line Issues
Small holes or cracks in your drains or sewer pipelines can cause major problems. Water seeking roots will find these areas and eventually cause a back up in your system. Pipelining is an answer to sewer and drain problems. Pipelining eliminates the need to excavate a street, alley or yard to access a damaged pipe. Pipelining can be used to repair holes, cracks and, in most cases, reconnect severed lines. We can repair drains without cutting down trees or disturbing your landscape.

Pipelining offers solutions for

Multi-family housing/Condominiums slabs

Schools / Not-for-profit organizations

Cities and Towns with sewer & drain problems

Pipes in concrete slabs

Pipelining prevents slab leaks.
Pipelining cleans out all of your water lines to remove any buildup. We literally sand blast the inside of your pipes and vacuum out the mineral dust. We then coat the inside of your pipes with an epoxy finish that relines them.

Preservation of older buildings and sensitive areas
If you are operating in an aging facility that has had water leaks in the past, Pipelining is a great way to preserve your building. Pipelining can be accomplished in a manner of a few days without tearing out walls, ceilings or floors.

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Hard water and chemicals cause pitting inside the pipe, causing mineral buildup and pin hole leaks. Epoxy coating covers all holes and keeps pitting and mineral buildup from happening again.

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