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Food Service Hot Water
We provide reliable hot water for your day-to- day food-service operations. We specialize in institutional hot water systems designed specifically for your needs. Our food service water heating programs offer the following:

• Energy-efficient hot water heaters & mixing valves for healthy and safe hot water.

•Gas booster heaters makes sure your current water heaters are keeping up with demand. Gets dishes sparkling clean and eliminates the need for excessive chemicals in dishwashing.

Institutional Facilities Hot Water
Do you have high demand for hot water in peak hours? We can supply you with hot water systems that provide quick hot water when demand is high and conserve energy during off hours.

• Perfect for athletic showers

• Boilers. We supply parts and maintenance for older models. We stock A.O. Smith high-efficiency gas, electric and oil-burning boilers.

Looking for an affordable way to update old equipment? CMS rents mechanical equipment. All maintenance is a part of your rental contract. 24 hour emergency service.
• Water Heaters and Commercial Boilers
• Booster Water Heaters
• Water Softeners & Treatment Systems
• Heating and Cooling Units
• Boilers & Chillers

We provide the following services

Hot water solutions

Heating and cooling systems



Water treatment


Patio heaters

Pool heaters

Old building, leaky pipes?
We prevent pipe leaks without tearing our walls, floors or ceilings.
• Restores old waterlines
• Unplugs boiler heating pipes.
• Cleans and repairs drains & sewers
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Water Treatment
Fusion Premium High-flow Water Softeners
• Saves more than 50% on soap and detergents
• Protects water heaters
• Cuts water heating costs
• Eliminates hard-water deposits on glasses and fixtures
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Institutional Heating & Cooling Systems
• High efficiency HVAC units
• 24 hour emergency service on system emergencies
• Rental systems available for tight budgets
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