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Pipelining Sewers and Drains
If you have leaking or broken sewer lines, we can help you restore them without digging up streets and yards. Our pipelining service coats the inside of pipes with epoxy that covers over cracks and, in many cases, reattaches broken pipelines. Pipelining is also used to clear out drains and provide a new inner surface that roots cannot penetrate.
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Preserving historic sites and sensitive areas
If you have an older building that has experienced leaky pipes, pipelining is an alternative to tearing out the old water lines. We can restore old pipes without tearing out the walls, ceilings and floors. Pipelining cleans the mineral deposits from the inside of pipes and coats them with an epoxy inner lining. This creates a new pipe inside the old one.

• Perfect for courthouse plumbing problems

• In many cases, buildings can remain open during restoration

• Fixes root/drain problems without cutting down trees and digging up the landscape
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Need mechanical equipment, but don’t have the budget?
CMS rents the following equipment
• Water Heaters and Commercial Boilers
• Booster Heaters
• Water Softeners
• Reverse Osmosis Water Systems
• Heating and Cooling Units
• Boilers & Chillers

We provide the following services

Hot water solutions

Heating and cooling systems



Water treatment


Patio heaters

Pool heaters

Heating & Cooling
We service, maintain, rent and sell HVAC systems to municipal governments
• Gas, electric and oil burning units
• Boilers
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Water Heaters and Boilers
Rent, sell, maintain
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